About Netsius

Our mission is to make websites more affordable for everyone, so that every startup and small business can look beautiful and convert.

We are Netsius

We're a digital agency that's not normal.

Bespoken websites built by web agencies are expensive. That's why many go to those 'find a designer' marketplaces (you know the ones) or want to build it themselves. Neither are good choices.

But why do custom-designed cost so much?

Well... they don't need to. Which is why we've chosen to offer a subscription model, so you don’t need to pay a huge sum up-front. While also having SEO, support and hosting.

Work done right

We do it properly

We offer everything you need to have an awesome presence online. We include everything you need to start getting customers or sell online. 

At Netsius, everything is made to order by real, trained and experience designers and developers. We are you best partner for your online endeavours.

Succeed online

What you need to succeed online.

We don’t just make a website and leave you to it. With us you will always have access to our experts who will help you put together the best plan for your business.

Awesome Advice

Everyone on the Netsius team is an expert in their own field. We're quite picky when it comes to hiring, which is why we only hire the very best. That way you can be sure you're receiving the best and very latest advice when it comes to websites and digital marketing.

Professional designers

Our designers can take an idea, a look, a style and turn it into a pixel-based reality. Whether you have a solid idea of how you want your website to look or would rather we take the lead, you'll can be sure your website is going to look a million times better than any DIY web builder can produce.


As standard, you'll receive 2 hours of monthly support, every month. You can use this time however you like to make tweaks to your website, to ask for advice from our experts or just leave us to carry out our own recommendations.

Lets work together

Want us to help you get more customers feel free to contact us
and book a consulting session so we get to know your business better.

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